Effective English Business Communication - Edunova

Effective English Business Communication - Edunova

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Cijena uključuje:

  • testiranje za određivanje stupnja
  • konzultacije za vrijeme nastave
  • stručno praćenje napretka polaznika
  • komplet materijala za nastavu
  • završni ispit i diplomu
  • troškove obrade dokumentacije

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Diplomirala na FIlozofskom fakultetu u Osijeku kao magistra engleskog jezika i književnosti i njemačkog jezika i književnosti. Volonterka u Centru za pružanje usluga u zajednici Klasje. Voli raditi s ljudima te prenositi svoje znanje i iskustvo na polaznike.

Business English Lessons

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Introduction to Effective English Business Communication

“More than ever the environment of business relies more heavily on communication through social media as well Business 2 Business”

Are you interested in using English Business Communication to build on emerging business relations or expanding the current market? Understanding policies of companies can prove to be a challenging task especially since most are written in English. To be able to successfully communicate it’s a good start to have some understanding of English Business Communication. All of this can be used in approaching the following: planning, guidelines, policy procedures, formal documents, presentation, business proposals, and business strategies in Advertising and Marketing.  With the increasing demands of understanding English in the business world, it is fundamental to be able to effectively communicate. You will explore business solutions and how they will affect the way we think? The class will participate in various grammatical exercises to write and speak articulating business ideas and solutions.  With a basic understanding of the key business terminology of when and where to use them.

To engage management level it is important to understand the proper execution of using English grammar correctly. The way we present ourselves in speaking and writing can advance the career or lead to new career paths. Decoding the English language in business can help navigate to the correct business channels. The use of the English language in presentations comes down to using the correct verbs and adjectives to be used to entice the audience. From the way that we communicate formal or informal in writing or speaking can change the attitudes of many.

Sentence structure:
An example would be the weatherman as he has only a second to grab your attention.

1)Today the weather was sunny at 25 Celsius, with rain tomorrow and a low of 10.

2) Today’s weather will be a daytime high of 25 Celsius, will make you wish you were at the beach. Tomorrow you will need to grab an Umbrella as the temperature dips to 10.
From just reading it we have just formed an opinion, but the more important question is why?

Which one would you want to read or listen to and why?
What media is best suited for each style? (TV, Radio, Print, Internet news)
What audience are they speaking to? (Business Commuters, Summer Vacationers, Senior Citizens, Students)

It is not easy to find the right audience when doing a proposal or business closure, or business sales. Each audience is different and the tone and manner depict the targeted group. Using and finding the correct sentence form (informal or formal) and finding adjective or adverbs can change everything.

This class is considered for those with a working knowledge of level B2 English.  It explores the various writing styles to help identify the target audience and building a strategy.  Brainstorming ideas for creative solutions in presentations that distinguish you from the crowd. The class will work in a structured environment that will build dialog, presentations and proposals to an English speaking audience. Effectively using English and grammar to clearly communicate and respond to questions. The use of computers and business tools are a necessity in today’s world. With most computer programs primarily written in English, it will also improve computer-based knowledge and comprehension. This course can be a continuation study in many fields as a post-graduate program. The studies will improve the writing skills and verbal communications skills that employers are always seeking.


Students will be able to effectively use English Business Communication to advance their career in development. They will approach the task of comprehensive learning and identify the nature of the business market.  Creative writing in business using grammatical skills to make a dynamic portfolio.  The student will be able to write corresponding letters, forms and business proposals to the intended audience. They will be able to make presentations in power point.  Students by the end of the course will be to understand the basic business terminology, and using it when needed to address peers. Students will be asked to source out existing business models, niche markets as well International firms. The course will be designed in working with fellow peers to emulate the working business environment.


The portfolio will be just part of having tangible solutions to demonstrate. Students will also gain a comprehensive understanding of English Business Communication that is intangible furthering one’s career path. The portfolio will consist of various writing skills: letters memos, business planning and solutions, demonstration of a basic campaign strategy, power point presentation, and more. They will demonstrate the ability to direct the power of the English Language and using grammar correctly when it comes to open conversation with employees and business networking. Advancement in communication (Verbal or written) at a B2 or higher Level with the tools to be able to expand in learning. Students will have the flexibility of understanding using key terms, adjectives, verbs, compound sentences for building to a more complex structure. Thus, will be able to engage in various styles of communication from informal and formal. Compose business strategies to target the given business or audience. An understanding of the internet in business and basic office tools and programs.

Jobs Examples
Public relations
Copywriting: Editorial, Tourism, Web design, Advertising, Sales, Marketing Campaign…
Corporate Liaison: International Business firms, and Niche market.
Business Management: Team Building, Guidelines, business training modules.