Engleski jezik C2 - Edunova

Objavljeno: 21. kolovoza, 2017.

Testiranje iz Engleskog jezika stupanj C2

1. The opposite of “conspicuous” is ___________.

2. Some have _____ forward the idea that the temple is much older than predicted.

3. The speed of this computer decreased _____ to a virus.

4. The farmer _______ over the field because he was tired.

5. I’m taking ____ in a very important research.

6. He asked me where the bank ______.

7. The scientist have so _____ this year discovered 20 new stars.

8. You _____________ for more than two hours when her plane finally arrives.

9. Jane ____________ at the university since June.

10. Vitamin ________ can be pretty serious.

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