Engleski jezik B1 - Edunova

Engleski jezik B1 - Edunova

Objavljeno: 21. kolovoza, 2017.

Engleski jezik stupanj B1

1. The builders are ________ good progress with the house.
2. Would you ________ lemonade or orange juice?
3. A few minutes after 9.30a.m., while Carl and his officers __________ around the block, the bomb exploded.
4. Our new house is very spacious compared __________ our old flat.
5. Phil and Jane get a good salary. They ______________ worry about money.
6. I was ___________ by the news.
7. When _________ going to retire?
8. I don't have _______ time to go on holiday.
9. How about _______ a drink this evening?
10. He's not going to stop working _______ he is finished.

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